How To Control Your Subconscious Mind Part#2 – affirmations!

“You cannot gain of lose except through the mind”

(Dr. Joseph Murphy

If you are following the last few posts, you know I am writing about techniques on how to control your subconscious mind and today’s technique is: affirmations!

Or, according to Dr. Joseph Murphy: “pray effectively”!

Really, Pray?

If this word makes you immediately skeptical and uncomfortable, well… join the club!

You must have in mind that Doctor Joseph Murphy, the author of “The Power of your subconscious mind”, was born in 1898 ( so the language on the book can seem a little outdated for some but, on the other hand, you have to realize how absolutely amazing it was for someone to be teaching the power of the mind in the 1900s.

So, putting aside the religious inclination of the piece, or not. (I don’t know, maybe your ARE religious and you will love it, and maybe you are an atheist this is all nonsense to you) will you see that he recommends that you make affirmations in order to convince your subconscious mind of what you want, as it will certainly then create your reality from it.

So whether you want to believe you are talking to God, to the Universe or to yourself, you can try this as well.

Wow, am I the only one who thinks it is impressive that this idea existed over a century ago?


Effective and Ineffective Prayer

He mentions on his book that, when praying, or doing your affirmations, you must concentrate on that what you wish to have or accomplish without any doubt that it will come to you.

If you focus on the things you lack instead, you will only be able to attract more scarcity.

That works in the same sense of what I told you before. Your subconscious mind does not filter any information that it receives, it simply replays it and makes it true, so…

If you believe you are drowning in debt and there’s simply no way to stay afloat, you will manifest more debt and block the flow of wealth into your life.

But if you believe there is ALWAYS a way, that you are supported by the infinite power of God/Universe/Your Mind, and you were created to live a life of joy and abundance, then that’s what you shall receive.

So, in your prayers or affirmations, you must make sure to focus on what you want to achieve, with a feeling of gratitude, and not what you are missing, because, regardless, you will receive more of that.

What the Affirmations Really Do?

Have you ever told yourself a lie so many times that, after a while you forgot whether it was true or not?

Our thoughts are constantly being influenced by our experiences and our surroundings and, without us realizing it, our beliefs are being built.

Beliefs are nothing more than something you have seen of heard enough times that you start considering them the truth. The truth, however, is pure perspective… 

Have you ever thought about it? An anorexic sees herself as fat, a billionaire loses a million and think he is poor, a poor man makes $100 and thinks he is rich… there is not only one truth, the truth is what you choose to see…

And what you believe to be true, is what your subconscious mind you create for you.

So the affirmations are a way of telling your subconscious mind what to believe.

Coming from the principle that only your conscious mind is creative, your subconscious will believe whatever you say often enough. So your affirmations are simply telling yourself the things you would like your subconscious to believe.

How Do I Do it Then?

You can find a “core” prayer on the video “How to use the power of prayer and affirmations”, and here is a link to it…

This seems to me like saying that you believe and understand that all of your needs are constantly being met by a higher power that works for you, regardless of effort.

I, however, am and always have been terrible at following instructions of any kind (I like step-by-steps on how to solve problems, that’s different), I can’t even follow a recipe through to the end.

I go “this ingredient, this, OK, cool, cool, I get it”… and do whatever seems right.

With my “praying” is not different, so I like to use my words and my thoughts. I try very hard to say thanks to all that I have and for all that I want, and sometimes…


I actually do feel that I tune into this amazing manifesting energy of gratitude where everything seems to start going my way. The joy is pure and seems endless, and nothing can bring me down.

Practice Makes Perfect


Controling your subconscious mind is not an easy task, if it were, everyone would have a perfect life and perfect mental health.

And you will most likely never control it fully, and that’s OK.

But willingly changing the perspective of your thoughts into something a bit more positive does work.

Have you ever met one of those annoying unbearable people that never seem to be upset about anything? No matter what happens to them, they always seem to find a freaking silver lining and stay happy.

Well, be one of them!! haha… at least, try.

Everything, literally everything in your life has a good and a bad side. It is entirely up to you to decide what you see and how you go about life when things happen to you.

After you change your perspective change your “prayers”, talk to whatever higher power you chose to believe in and tell them what you want, not what you miss, and thank them, because it is already there!



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