Take your life back – What’s holding you back?

It doesn’t matter if you are depressed, stressed or simply discontent, sometimes it feels someone else has the steering wheel of your destiny in their hands and you are left dreaming of what your ideal life would look like.

I catch myself doing it all the time, but today I woke up with a question in my mind: what have you done today in order to have the life you want?

The same goes for most people I talk to. When you ask them “what are you doing to take your life back”, they are ready with an arsenal of excuses, that vary from money to whatever you can think of, to explain why they are incapable of having the lives they want.

Who is the biggest Villain ?

Most people don’t actually mean to do it. They were raised believing that life is supposed to be hard, a struggle, relationships are supposed to be miserable, and money is supposed to be short.

Some don’t even dare to dream of the things they really want!

The other day I saw a brilliant video on YouTube, where they talked about a study where they simply asked people what they would like to do… no consequence given, just a simple question…

And even then, people couldn’t answer what they truly wanted to do, instead they reported what they believed was possible for them given their life circumstances.

If you can’t even dream it, how the hell will you do it?

This is the biggest villain that keeps you from taking your life back: your beliefs. What do you believe is possible? What do you believe you deserve? How good do you believe life can actually get?

You must ask yourself these questions, and one more: what would you do if you could do anything?

Try to leave all judgment behind and let yourself dream a little. Check with yourself without having to answer to anybody, and see where your mind takes you and then, start practicing belief! It’s true and you probably know it, you can go wherever your mind can, where is yours taking you?

Who is the second biggest Villain ?

This brings me to the second villain ! This is a big one for me and I have to fight it all the time.

… Maybe you’re completely unfamiliar with the concept of “your mind creates your reality”, in which case just stick around cause I’ll talk about it A LOT….

But maybe you already know it very well, you’ve proved to yourself that you can get amazing or horrible things to happen by putting energy into them and, yet, you still can’t seem to take your life back.

Then I ask you: do your actions agree with your beliefs?

Well, even though the mind is the most powerful tool you possess, you can dream of being a millionaire for the rest of your life sitting on the couch and it still will not come true.

You need to believe, and then you need to get out there and do it! Lack of Action is our second biggest Villain… What have you done today to get a bit closer to having the life you want?

If you answer was “hummmmm I….”, then you know what you need.

Taking full responsibility, to take your life back…

Usually when we get to this part, the shower of excuses start….

“I don’t have time”, “I don’t have money”, “I am too busy with the kids”, “My partner doesn’t support me”, “My parents never supported me”, “I don’t know how to do it”, “It’s not going to work”.

I’m really sorry, but all of these only mean one of two things: “I’m scared” or “I’m lazy”.

Don’t start calling me names yet, it’s hard but it’s the truth and I have just confessed to being guilty of the same. Most of the time, when I’m being lazy, it’s because I’m actually terriefied, and that can be your case as well.

So I use an exercise that I call “ taking extreme responsabily”. It consists in taking responsibility for everything, even what you’re not guilty of it… e.g. someone yells at you, you wonder, what did you do to make that person think they can treat you like that.

This is not about being submissive and letting people treat you like crap, quite the opposite, it is about understanding that you have the control of most things (If not everything) in your life.

I’ll show you….

  • I don’t have time – but how long do you really spend on social media, or drinking, or hungover, or doing anything else that is really not getting you anywhere?
  • My partner doesn’t support me – you chose that partner, didn’t you? It’s up to you to decide who you want by your side and what kind of support you need from them.
  • My parents never supported me – well, and how much longer will you use your childhood as an excuse not to be a better adult.

Basically, for everything that happens in your life, you wonder what you did to cause it or allow for that to happen. It’s scary man, we love blaming everything for our problems, but when you get past the frightening part, something amazing happens….

It’s all your fault, so you can fix it all! You can take your life back.

The secret nobody wants you to know.

We live in a society of sheep. People are raised to be alike, think alike, dress alike, want and fight for the same things and, if you dare to be different, you get judged and ridiculed.

The truth is that it is not in the best interest of huge industries that you can think for yourself. We get fed poisonous food from birth, which makes us fat and sick, than diet like idiots craving celebrity bodies, which we can’t achieve, finally, when we are fat, sick and depressed for not looking like what we think we’re supposed to, we get fed pills and more pills that are meant to solve all your problems.

The food, beauty and pharmaceutical industries thrive in our misery.

If you are happy, you love your body and your life, you don’t need cars, clothes or handbags to feel worthy. If you eat well and you know stress can cause disease, you don’t need drugs to help you simply get by. If you know you can create your own reality, you’re a slave no one.

You go, “yeah, right, that’s awesome… how do I get happy though?”.

Start now! It’s free 😉

Start by completely forgetting the stupid idea that you need things to be happy. You don’t!

Needing things is a imposition of society made to keep you dissatisfied and spending money for ever. You work your ass to get something you wanted and three minutes later they release something better, it’s a trap.

Start analysing yourself everyday, understand what makes you feel like what and why. It’s not about not feeling, you need to feel, but don’t believe in everything you feel, more often than not your feelings come from values that were imposed to you as well.

Say, thank you for everything good that happens to you (even if you don’t mean it at first). Say, thank you for waking up, for the sun in your face, because your car started. Then start saying thank you for everything BAD that happens to you… yes, say thank you because your boyfriend cheated and freed you from wasting your life on him, because you got fired and now you can reinvent yourself, because everything you thought you wanted didn’t work out, so something much better is coming your way.

Finally, smile! When everything is falling apart, close your eyes, think of something you love and smile!

Happiness truly is a journey and not a destination. Start now, it’s free!


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